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If you don't have a web editor that does it for you, one way to position your .swf file on your web page, is to place your html or javascript code between <div> tags as shown in the following example. You will need to edit the code colored in red to match your specific situation. The color coding is explained below.
Position a Kool Moves movie on a Web Page
Learn how to position your .swf file on a web page.
<div style="position: absolute; top: 340px; left: 34px; width: 130px; height: 210px; z-index: 15;">

Your html or javascript code goes here

top is the distance you want the .swf file to display from the top of the web page.

left is the distance you want the .swf file to display from the left side of the web page.

width should match the pixel width of your .swf file

height should match the pixel height of your .swf file.

z-index is the layer number (depth) on your html page on which you wish to place your .swf file.
The tutorial above may involve the use of some actionscript, html, and the like, but are not necessarily intended to teach them. These tutorials are intended to familiarize new users to the Kool Moves interface and contain simplified examples of how to perform specific tasks in Kool Moves as they would relate to the use of materials from this site. Suggested examples contained within these tutorials may not necessarily be the "best" way to accomplish a task, but they do accomplish the job at hand. These tutorials are not an attempt to copy already existing tutorials. In some instances, more detailed tutorials on actionscript and the use of the Kool Moves tool are available at the Support page on the Kool Moves web site.