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Drawing Techniques
Drawing Techniques
When drawing you can create rectangles and squares with rounded corners, but Kool Moves does not offer the capability to automatically adjust the roundness of those corners. You can however, adjust the roundness of the corners manually by scaling select points as described below:
Drawing Shapes - Rounded Corners
Adjust the degree of Roundness for Rounded Corners
Now draw your rectangle on the stage. Note: there are three points in each corner representing each rounded corner.
Start by selecting the rounded rectangle tool from the tools bar.
Rectangle with rounded corners drawn with Kool Moves
To change the degree of roundness the outer points for the corners must slide along the edge of the rectangle. Sliding the points inward makes smoother rounded corners. Sliding the points outward makes sharper rounded corners. Using this method, there is no way measure the degree of roundness of the curve, but you CAN count the number of pixels as you move the points to achieve a uniform look.
Next, select the point selection tool.
Now select the horizontal points of each corner as shown below.
With the above points selected, select the scale tool from the tools bar.
Handles for scaling your shape will appear as shown below.
Use the handles to slide the horizontal points inward or outward, depending upon the degree of roundness you want for your corners.
For this example we want smoother corners, so we will drag the horizontal points inward. Grab the left handle (shown below) and drag it inward to slide the points to the right. Then do the same for the right handle, sliding those points to the left..
Drag the left and right handles inward or outward to change the roundness of the corners.
Now select the vertical points as shown below.
Repeat steps 5 - 8 from above, moving the vertical points inward to finish smoothing out your corners.
Compare the two examples below. The corners of your finished rectangle should now have smoother rounded corners as shown in the "Finished Rectangle" example.
Finished Rectangle
Starting Rectangle