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Lucky Monkey Designs LLC creates and sells animation software since Spring 2000. The company is located in South Carolina, USA and is comprised of three partners and a number of other contributors.

All the partners have extensive background in software development and one had a professional career in the field of movie and TV animation and taught animation to children. Two of the partners have extensive experience in user interface design and artificial intelligence.

There is an interesting story behind the name of the company. When we were deciding what to call the company, two of the partners took a walk on the beach which is close to where we live. Immediately we saw a monkey under a cabana. The sight was so unusual that we based the name of the company on that experience.

An online interview with one of the KoolMoves partners about the history and future direction of the company

January 29th, 2008 | Read Full Article

Recently I had the pleasure to do an extended interview with software creator, Richard Ward, the man with the original vision to create KoolMoves (www.KoolMoves.com). He teamed up with programming powerhouse Bob Hartzell and the rest is history. For those of you not familiar with it, KoolMoves is a software animation product that is changing the experience of more and more people on the Internet. For instance, the highly popular Internet course, Teaching Sells, which trains people from around the world on how to build Interactive Learning Environments, recommends KoolMoves as one of the tools for that purpose, and teaches it to their students. KoolMoves has not only received praise from the press (PC Magazine gave it a five star rating), it also inspired tremendous loyalty among its customers, unsurpassed in the software industry.

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