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Flash tools, like KoolMoves, are basically animation tools. So it is not surprising that most things made with them contain animation. Some use it subtly, like Flash apps and media players. Others make a big show of it, like Flash games and online greeting cards. Mysteriously, this wide range of uses is no longer what is generally meant by the term "Flash animation".

What happened? Hint, a sinister conspiracy is not the answer. Spoiler alert! It was due to the growing success of Flash on TV, in the movies and as webtoons. Wikipedia calls it a renaissance. Once the popularity of this type of entertainment reached a certain tipping point, there was a shift in terminology. Now, Flash animation almost exclusively means Flash animated films.

"Simon's Cat" animations are good examples:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5ODwR6FPRQ or www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3JC24p0YsA

But, Flash animation comes in a variety of other styles as well. It can be: a) silent or with sound, b) color or black and white, c) 2D or 3D, or d) using videos or photos either in the background or as moving part of the animation.

In other words, Flash animation is kind of a grab bag, where almost anything goes. The good news is that you do not have to be an expert to create your own Flash animation. Many business people, teachers, and artists, have found it a great way to engage their audiences. True, some of the big name products are tricky to learn and use. But KoolMoves makes the process much easier for you. And it's screen is far less cluttered, which gives you more room to work. People from all sorts of backgrounds and of every age have used it. Kids all over the world have been playing with it for years.

All the various styles of Flash animation involve making something change over time. One powerful way to do this is by using scripts. KoolMoves provides several motion scripts to chose from and lets you write your own. Another way to make change over time is by using frames. This can be done in great detail by working frame by frame. Or, you can just make the beginning and end frames for each major step in the action. Then the in-between frames will be made for you automatically. This shortcut is called "key framing".

Once you get past the basics, there is so much more to explore. You can mix animation methods, apply filters, and add effects. It is also possible to create repeating cycles for waking, of wing flapping, etc. by putting moveclips inside your movies. And Koolmoves offers many more advanced features like ease-ins which will enable you to take your work to the next level.

We are here to help you and your audience have a great time with Flash animation.

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