Flash animation software: Pro Results. Low Price.

KoolMoves is flash software for creation of text effects, banners, splash pages, animated clipart, games, navigation buttons, slide shows, media players, presentations, animated characters, cartoons, and entire web sites.

KoolMoves is an easy to use flash editor that is inexpensively priced. KoolMoves is web animation software that creates swf Shockwave Flash animations and frames for animated gifs. You can select from a library of over 100 stylish animated text effects, import vector clipart (wmf, eps, emf, dxf), attach audio, fill shapes with color gradients or images (bmp, jpg, pcx, tif, png), add actions to buttons and frames, create mouse-over effects. All you do is put together something like a cartoon strip. Each frame contains text, shapes, and sounds. In the case of character animation, one frame would have the characters in one pose and the next frame in another pose. KoolMoves automatically morphs drawings in between each of your drawings to create smooth animated motion between the characters. A rich set of drawing tools is provided: draw like you would with a pencil, draw point by point, and draw text or add text effects already created for you. Points defining shapes can be moved, added, and deleted. Transforms (scale, rotate, slant, squish, flip, and add perspective) can be applied to selected shapes or selected points. KoolMoves has been designed by a professional animator to provide powerful selection and manipulation capabilities. In the case of text animation, you can move, scale, rotate, skew, and flip the text. In the case of character animation, this functionality makes it easy to stretch and bend characters' arms, legs and expressions in a single frame or many frames at once. Within KoolMoves web animation software, you can play the swf shockwave flash animation in its internal player, in a web browser, or a stand-alone Flash player. Exporting as a .swf Flash animation is as simple as pressing a button. Even the HTML for embedding on a web page is created for you.

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