KoolMoves Flash Animation Testimonials

KoolMoves is rated 5 stars by PC Magazine, Tucows, Download.com, and Rocket Download, but there’s nothing like spontaneous praise from our dedicated users! We get a lot of it and it never gets old. KoolMoves is our easy to use, powerful, low cost Flash* alternative. It really does live up to its reputation — try it free.

Here’s just a small sample of the feedback we get:

Oh, thanks so much Bob, Koolmoves is the greatest, no, GREATEST program at a wonderful price!!! Nothing else compares to it.

Testing Koolmoves out. Was looking for alternatives to the big player out there. Let me just say well done. From the functionality to the interface to the plentiful, easily found resources on your site.

...I purchased KoolMoves this past Thursday and created my first Flash* file the next morning without even reading the manual and by simply watching a quick tutorial online. The program is very intuitive and easy to use.

God I love Koolmoves! Working on a site now and the stuff that KM offers now is just absolutely amazing and it’s still so much of a joy to use. I take my hat off again and bow to you and all your colleagues for creating such a dream.

KoolMoves makes it fun and interesting to build sites. I look forward to trying the latest version and will recommend KoolMoves to other people. The price is reasonable, which makes it easier to get approval from the wife. =) Thanks!

I would just like to say: well done! KoolMoves is my absolute favorite program that I own. Not only for its simple-to-use interface, but for its ability to make very complex animations with that interface. ...So I would just like to say thank you for making such an impressive program, and keep on updating.

The simplicity of use of this product astounded me. After five minutes I created a movie I would have been pleased to put on a customer’s web site.

It is still one of the best programs I ever had the pleasure to download. Intuitive and simple to use, yet powerful in its efficiency and sophistication.

Your program runs flawlessly! I just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know that this is a wonderful program. It is rare these days to get so much for so little money. I am completely satisfied. I am a musician and not a web designer so building a catchy web page with out paying a designer big bucks was very important to me. Thanks for helping out the little guy.

Thank you! I have NEVER been so happy with the purchase of software before, and I buy a lot. I’m still stunned with the possibilities! Honestly, you are charging too little. I would have gladly paid twice as much for KoolMoves.

You have, in my book, one of the best add-ons for web design I have purchased to date, and it works so well with Dreamweaver. Superb job!

Very Excellent program. Miles ahead of that other SWF producing program.

Wow, wow and WOW! KoolMoves is the best web development software ever as it is so easy to use. I tried the trial version and was blown away. In fact, I’m so amazed by it that I’m going to purchase the full version today! I am so excited, I can’t wait to start building my site which could one day be a big hit. Well done!

I’ve never done anything like this before, but you made it so simple and easy. This is so GREAT! Not only have I created the film strip that I originally wanted, but I have developed two more for the Gallery section of the web site.

I just want to tell you how impressed I am with KoolMoves! As soon as I found out there was an alternative for creating Flash* movies I just had to try it.

The interface is great, very comfortable, easy to use — not as overwhelming as Macromedia’s Flash*. I was able to adjust to KoolMoves and start getting creative after only 25-30 minutes of use.

Surprisingly, it packs quite a punch for it’s small size, and is capable of producing the same powerful animations as (the much larger) Flash*.

...I think KoolMoves is a great alternative to Macromedia’s product (which does deserve some credit for getting this whole flash thing rolling!). KoolMoves is fast, friendly, and it gets the job done. And at the price (compared to Macromedia’s hefty price tag), how can you not register this bad boy? I sure will ;-)

The ultimate compliment is when someone says “Yes I would buy it again”. Well I just Did! My first version I managed to migrate from my Windows 98 to Windows Millennium and my skills evolved along with computers.

Now that I have the experience, KoolMoves is going to be my first choice when designing flash pages. Yes I have others, but it’s nice to have my KoolMoves back.

I learned flash from KM and for the price you can’t take a class or buy a program that will teach you more.

After 7, years I can’t believe no one has come even close matching your features for dollars spent. I will have my investment back in the first week!

KoolMoves is one of the best bargains in the software world.

You guys rock!! If you need a reference, send them my way! Super fast response and great product for a first time user.

Thanks this is a great product. I just fell in love with it this morning when I first found it.

I have been using KoolMoves for about a week since I bought it ...I am in love with this software. Very intuitive and easy to learn. Thanks!

I just really wanted to say.. what a FANTASTIC program! This has to be one of the best-kept secrets out there in design / multimedia / animation... I stumbled on it completely by accident, and within moments of using it knew it was special.

I just have to tell you. KoolMoves is the best software value I have ever worked with! We were gonna spend $300 for Flash*, but I found this! This is a great service — offering such great software at such a low price.